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Foxwell NT520 reviews on Freelander 2 diagnosis

Looking for Freelander 2 diagnostic tool, Foxwell NT520 is ideal choice.


User's reviews speak louder than words:


I have the Foxwell 520 and have used it on my CRV I like it very much. It can be used for up to 5 different makes at an add on cost. I paid just under $50 for the Landrover downloadI am planning to pick up a FL2 this weekend, will let you know how the ...



How does Foxwell NT650 reset Porsche Cayenne ABS /SRS light?

Porsche Cayenne has Airbag light on, I will use Foxwell NT650 to see what's going wrong with the airbag light on and try to reset it, the job is done perfectly. Next is to perform Steering Angle sensor (SAS) Calibration" with Foxwell NT650 Select "ABS /SRS".   European.   Porsche. Loading data, please wait......   For this one, it only gives "Manual selection". So we...


Aston Martin DB9 scanners advice

Aston Martin DB9 affordable scanner advice: Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802, Maxisys MS906TS, Foxwell NT510 / NT520 etc.


Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 is OK? Under $200 and does provide many functions well worth the money. Autel has a unit that I am more interested in.


Click the following link and search Aston Martin and you will agree it is a bit awkward to use on...


Foxwell NT520 BMW software unregistered?

Any experiences good or bad with Foxwell NT520 scanner purchase direct from Foxwell? I’ve been unable to register the product and download the BMW software. First the website wouldn’t allow me to register the product giving me repeated "error" messages after pressing enter. Now it states the s/n is not valid.

I need the scanner to diagnose me electric water pump problems ...



Foxwell Tool Q&A

Q:Will the Foxwell NT510 identify fault codes for ABS, ESP BAS and ESP warning lights on a 2009 Chrysler 300c?

A:Yes,NT510 support it.


Q:Can the Foxwell NT520 support the 2015 BMW M3 (F80)?

A:Yes,it can.


Q:Does Foxwell NT650 do DPF regerations or just reset the DPF light?

A:NT650 can do DPF regerations,can't reset the DPF light.


Q:I have...


Rest the SRS light on Land Rover Discovery 2: Foxwell NT520 or Autel AL619

Car model and year: Land Rover Discovery 2



To be able to rest the SRS light and see if it tells which ABS sensor is throwing a code (maybe its not that smart).


User: DIYer, better handheld scanner.


Tool to consider to have:

Nanocom: the GEMS Disco unit only supports the engine ECU, not any others. P38s: one dead, one working MSV line:...


Two Ways To Provide Power For Automaster Pro NT644

The Foxwell NT644 is a professional level diagnostic handheld tool, offering comprehensive system coverage for a vast array of car manufacturers. This unit has been specifically designed for the European market, and includes many high-end features such as Electronic Park Brake wind-back functions and Service Light reset functions.

Here's describeshow to provide power to NT644,...


TOYOTA Immobilizer(G) Reset Tool (OBDSTAR F101)

OBDSTAR Technology company has publish the Toyota Immobilizer(G) Reset Tool-OBDSTAR F101 Immobilizer(G) Reset Tool (OBDSTAR F101)

Immobilizer(G) Reset Tool (OBDSTAR F101)

Immobilizer(G) Reset Tool (OBDSTAR F101)

Immobilizer(G) Reset Tool (OBDSTAR F101)

What will OBDSTAR F101 do ? 1. Support 4D(67,68) chip immobilizer reset(All keys lost). 2. Support 72...


Buy Foxwell NT510 scanner or VCDS

Foxwell NT510 is a multi-brand tool (covers AU FORD, BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Holden, Land Rover, OPEL, Toyota and VAG). It is packed with no car software, you are supposed to register and download one manufacturer software for free on the official site, and buy additional manufacture packages also via the Foxwelltech site, $60 for each ...


(Solved)2001 GU Patrol (Y61) going into limp home mode

Below post starts with car model 2001 GU Patrol (Y61) symptom that car kept going into limp home mode, then recommended to have one Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT624 scanner to solved. How this story goes? Go on reading following parts. Hope it helps.


Car model: 2001 GU Patrol (Y61) with a 4.8 lt petrol



My car kept going into limp home mode and i...